What You Do Not Know About LED TVs

About LED TVsThe most purchased TV is LED TV. Although LED TV is expensive as compared to other types of HDTVs, people are always after the features that LED TVs offer. LED TV is the perfect TV that you could put in just about any kind of room except dark rooms. It has ultra-bright screen making the images more realistic and quality unlike plasma and other HDTVs. However, there are things that most consumers do not know about LED TVs. Here it goes.

It Is Basically Just an LCD Screen

LED Screen Hire is not that different from LCD. The marketing ploy used by known TV brands like Samsung and GE made lots of consumers turn to the newest “guy” while in fact the only difference between an LCD TV and an LED TV is that LCD TVs uses cold-cathode fluorescent lights while LED TVs are backlit with, well, Light Emitting Diodes.

The Thinner is Definitely Not the Better

Although thinner LED screen hire TVs has become a trend now because they look stylish and far better than the bulky ones, when it comes to image quality, LED TVs that are thinner are actually brighter making the images to actually fade or lose their color a little. This disadvantage though is not that visible because most TVs are placed in a well-lit or bright area which is usually the living room for most homes. You will notice this flaw if you put your LED display screen in a room with darker setting.

Not All LED Screens are Created Equal

You may wonder why the images in the LED TV used by your friend when you watched sporting telecasts and a chorale perform Christmas carols in a room is far more rich in color than the images on your thinner LED TV. As mentioned earlier, the thinner the screen the lower the quality of the images it produces. Manufacturers can make thinner LED TV screens, but they are just sacrificing the quality of their products.


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