The Two Types of Modular LED Screen

Modular LED ScreenThere are those times when a mobile LED Screen Hire just won’t do justice for your events. There are also times when you think that you are all set but when the most awaited moment comes, your LED display screen won’t just fit into your area. Those occasions call for a modular outdoor LED display screen. Here are two types of modular LED screen that you could consider for your special occasions.

Flown LED Screens

Flown LED Screens is ideal for concerts or those kinds of events that are held in places with a stage. Flown LED Screens are often found on either side of the stage. It can be resized according to your needs by adjusting and adding led panels for a bigger screen. It is hung into rigid structures from the topmost part of the screen or the frame which is designed for this task. It is made from high-grade aluminum which makes it very lightweight. Since it is only affixed to the structure that supports it from its top side, the screen will swing from time to time especially if the event is located in an open field thus its name Flown LED Screens.  The best thing about flown LED Screen Hire is that it is very easy to set up and tear down since it is very light.

Ground Support LED Screens

The difference between Ground support LED screens and Flown LED screens is the structure that supports them. Unlike Flown Led Screens, ground support LED screens is attached to its supporting structure at its bottom frame part. It is also made from lightweight materials making it also perfect for big screen events where you are using a rented venue.


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